DAY 2 – Abstract Driven Session

This booklet is a compilation of research abstracts presented at #FERN2023 and categorized into four main themes:

  1. Food System Actors & Policy Opportunities and Gaps
  2. Food Environment Monitoring & Innovative Approaches
  3. Food Choice & Diet Quality
  4. Nutrition and Health

Discover concise descriptions of the noteworthy papers presented at the FERN2023 abstract session and get acquainted with the team of researchers involved. Some research presentations have been recorded and are accessible below for further exploration. Feel free to delve into them for additional insights.

Apologies as not all recordings were recovered.


  • Track B: Food Environment Monitoring & Innovative Approaches (Chair: Ali Jafri (UM6SS))
    • Christopher Turner: Capturing The Moment: A Snapshot Review of Contemporary Food Environment Research Featuring Participatory Photography Methods
    • Adrien Dogo: Characterization And Challenges of Food Environments of Children Under-five in North Benin Drylands
    • Elizabeth Okonkwo: Assessment Of Retail Food Environment and Dietary Diversity Among Undergraduate Students in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike
    • Nicole Holliday: Drivers And Levers of The Double Burden of Malnutrition in South Africa: Protocol for A Complex Systems Mapping Exercise
    • Helen Bour: Food Systems Mapping: A Scoping Review of Challenges and Innovations In Ghana’s Coastal Areas
    • Mrignyani Sehgal: Scoping Review: Food Environment in Tanzania
    • Annabel Yeboah-Nkrumah: Research on food environments in Africa: a mapping exercise